Below is a list of all my Safari extensions. If you’d like to request a feature, report a bug, or have a question answered, you can @rafeed me on twitter or get a hold of me by using the information found on the contact page.

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Also, note that all of my releases are under the CC Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license.

Post to Twitter

Post to Twitter v1.0.1 — January 12, 2011
Post to Twitter v1.0 — January 11, 2011

Wiki-It v2.1 — June 14, 2010
Wiki-It v2.0 — June 13, 2010
Wiki-It v1.00 — June 12, 2010

GReader v2.04 — June 16, 2010
GReader v2.03 — June 15, 2010
GReader v2.02 — June 11, 2010
GReader v2.01 — June 11, 2010
GReader v2.00 — June 10, 2010

GReader-Checker v1.02 — June 16, 2010
GReader-Checker v1.01 — June 12, 2010
GReader-Checker v1.00 — June 9, 2010

Bugs: If you find any bugs or have problems using any of my extensions, please let me know what they are and how to reproduce them so I can fix them in future releases. You can email me or let me know via Twitter (@rafeed). Thanks!